Revealed: where the Lithuanian basketball team will be training in 2012

English universities have a problem – they haven’t got any money, and will have even less in future, but they must modernise their crumbling campuses to attract research funding and high-paying foreign students. So how on earth are they going to do it? In this article for Building magazine, I found that with space utilisation rates of just 35%, their greatest challenge may be coaxing academics out of their studies and into open-plan offices. Meanwhile, more enterprising universities are taking advantage of the 2012 Olympics to find other sources of funding.

Author: Katie Puckett

I'm a journalist who has been writing, editing and subbing business magazines for nearly 20 years. I write regularly on all aspects of the built environment – architecture, engineering, construction, property, investment, housing, planning, economics, sustainability, climate change adaptation, technology, insurance – and I’m always up for getting to grips with new topics. I’m also co-founder of Wordmule, a company that creates bespoke editorial and marketing content about buildings and cities.

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