The case of the kamikaze pigeon

With a few pages to fill in a hurry, Insurance Times asked me to call some claims experts and ask them the maddest claims they’d ever heard – and whether or not they turned out to be true. The most ludicrous was probably the one about the man who claimed that, on Christmas Eve, he was doing some painting at the premises of his printing firm – the next thing he knew, he woke up and his trousers were on fire (paid!). The saddest was the story of the old lady who was convinced that her neighbour was climbing into her attic and wearing out the print in her books by reading them. But I’m particularly curious to find out which Northwest London-based rock star paid £25,000 for a worthless bit of carpet…

Author: Katie Puckett

I am an experienced journalist, copywriter and editor who has covered the built environment for nearly 20 years. I’ve interviewed thousands of senior executives, politicians and experts in many fields and travelled to report on stories throughout Europe, the US, the Gulf states and India. My articles have appeared in many business and professional titles including Building, Estates Gazette, Inside Housing, the Bartlett Review, Insurance Times and Lloyd’s Market. I am co-author, with architect Bill Gething, of Design for Climate Change, published by RIBA, and I launched and edit The Possible, a thought leadership magazine for global engineering firm WSP. I'm also co-founder of Wordmule, an editorial studio that specialises in buildings and cities.

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