Fred Goodwin shreds his own office

So it turns out that Fred ” the Shred” Goodwin is as much of a menace to building projects as he is to banks, according to the developer who built RBS’s flash new office in Manchester. I invited Allied London’s construction director Graham Skinner to speak at the latest of Building’s Phase One networking events for young construction professionals last Thursday at Spinningfields in Manchester. He said Goodwin had taken a special interest in the architecture – though unfortunately not the structural engineering, as he demanded a crucial column be removed from the lobby after digging was well underway. Perhaps there’s a clue there…

Seminars in cyberspace

In November, as part of my events editing role at Building magazine, I devised, planned and presented four “webinars” as part of our Virtual Grad Fair – kind of a clunky version of Second Life but probably more useful… Half-conference call, half-Powerpoint presentation, the webinars were viewed by several hundred students over the course of the fair, and are now available on demand. If you can be bothered to create a user ID, you can hear about working abroad, graduate schemes, work placements and how women who didn’t study construction are getting into the industry anyway. And whatever happened to Second Life? I spent a week there back in February 2007 – the architecture wasn’t up to much and urban sprawl reigned