Lonely at the top

On a Wednesday afternoon in early August, Julie Fadden was walking around the streets of Speke and Garston with her staff, talking to her tenants and resolving issues on her estates. The chief executive of South Liverpool Housing was doing what she does on the first Wednesday afternoon of every month – even though her father had died early that morning. This is an extreme example of what sets the chief executive in a housing organisation apart from their staff, but it does shed some light on why the chief executives in Inside Housing’s salary survey are paid so much more than their employees. I spoke to them to find out how they earn their six-figure salaries.

Studying the classics

What are the Elgin Marbles doing on a housing block in London’s Olympic Village? That was the question on the cover of Autumn’s issue of Concrete Quarterly, which I edit for UBM and The Concrete Centre. The magazine’s lead article covered Niall McLaughlin Architects’ very striking facade for the athletes’ accommodation in Stratford. Continuing the visual concrete theme, we also featured a surprisingly attractive sewerage pumping station elsewhere on the Olympic Park, a dazzlingly white court building in Portugal, and David Chipperfield’s purple-grey Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.