It was the Cementitious Slag Makers’ loss

Covering industry events can be a gruelling test of endurance, particularly when they’re late at night, everyone’s pissed, there’s a heated discussion about some arcane aspect of construction procurement, and you have to file the copy by 10am the next morning. Luckily for me, Building’s Come Dine With Me Christmas dinner party challenge was nothing like that. Well, apart from the deadline, and the booze…

How many Turkish architects can you name?

If the pub quiz at my local ever introduces a round on the world’s largest architecture firms, I will definitely be taking home the beer glass of £1s. This month, I edited BD magazine’s World Architecture 2010, the definitive annual survey with profiles of every single one of the top 100 firms, wherever they may lurk. And where they will mainly be lurking in future is China. There’s an enormous amount of data contained in the supplement, but one consistent theme throughout – the money is headed East, the dominance of the US and Europe is in decline, and when the property market recovers from recession, it’s not going to look anything like it did before.